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Hello there, my name is takehirotei and I do music stuff

About Me

I'm takehirotei, a full-time Mathematics student at university level and a part-time music producer.
I am also a huge fan of games (specifically rhythm games) and anime.
So what type of musics do I produce?
I mainly focus on fast-paced music, however, I can also do various genres of music. Feel free to check them on "My Works".
Cool, so what is your history of music production?
I started arranging anime and games OST piano covers back then at 2013 using manuscript papers.
Then at 2018, I switched to Musescore and arranged my very first song (which the song is private since I plan to remade it and release it in the future).
Soon enough, I switched to FL Studio at late 2019 and made my first electronic song and it lasted till this day.
Do you have any musical background?
Yes I do. I started out playing piano when I was 6 years old, and started learning Cello at 10 years old. My Piano level is now Grade 6 and currently taking grade 8 for Cello. I also have joined a local orchestra in my area back then at 2012 to 2016.
As for now, I'm just focusing on Cello and music production.
What inspires you to become a music producer?
I would say it's video game music. Ever since I'm a kid, I have always admired video game music and wanted to become a video game music composer.
It was at that time when Super Mario Galaxy was released, I watched my father playing it and was stunned by the beautiful compositions of the songs inside the game. Ever since then, I started to look up to video game musics.
And at late 2017, I went to a local ACG event, and coincidentally Ryu*, Kradness, and Kors K were performing there. It was that time, they brought me to the world of rhythm game musics. And after a few weeks, my friends introduce me to a rhythm game, and I discovered more rhythm game musics, which leads me to who I am today.Therefore, I would say video game musics really had change my whole life, and inspired me a lot on becoming a music producer.Do you accept commissions?
Commissions are closed until further notice
My rates are 50-100USD per minute, the price can be adjusted based on the qualityFor rhythm game-sized songs (around 1:50 to 2:20 minutes), please give me at least 3 months for preparation before the deadline.As for tiebreaker-sized songs (songs that are between 5 and 7 minutes), please please please please please give me at least 6 months of preparation before the deadline as my schedule is pretty random in my university, so in case anything happens, I still have enough time to prepare.How do we contact you?
Please email me at [email protected] for any inquiries
If I know you personally, you may use discord to contact me for inquiries

My Works

Here are a few notable works that I have done throughout my music producing journeyAll videos are sorted from latest to oldestFor more information, please visit the link below for the full playlist of my serious works as I'm unable to include all of my works on this website




takehirotei vs. HowToPlayLN - Essence
form 4 Digit Mania World Cup (osu! mania) Grand Finals Tiebreaker
Full credits in each of the video description




HowToPlayLN - Normal Distribution (takehirotei "t-distribution" remix)
from osu! mania LN Tournament 3, as well as Statistically Significant album by HowToPlayLN
artwork by: @ofucolor (Twitter)
takehirotei as "Infinite Limit" - I.R.I.S
form osu! Malaysian Taiko Tournament 2022 Grand Finals Tiebreaker
artwork and design by: @HiroChair and @iyouka_ (Twitter)
Full credits in each of the video description


takehirotei as "Infinite Limit" - Rules of the Chaos Dilemma
form Expert Global Taiko Showdown 2022 Semifinals Tiebreaker
artwork by: @ZethZ161 (Twitter)
Full credits in each of the video description


takehirotei - Alterism (Full Version)
from osu! Malaysia Tournament 2022 Grand Finals NM5 + OMT 2022 trailer theme
artwork by: @Aieleon_ (Twitter)
takehirotei as "Infinite Limit" - Fullest Adventure from the Abyss to Divine
from osu! Malaysia Tournament 2022 Grand Finals Tiebreaker
artwork by: @HiroChair (Twitter)
Full credits in each of the video description





takehirotei - Finale Battle of the Requiem
from osu! Malaysia Tournament 2021 Grand Finals Tiebreaker


takehirotei - Finale Destination (ft Finite Limit)
Featured in rhythm game "Orzmic"
takehirotei - Lost City
Featured in rhythm game "vivid/stasis"
from "Finale Destination" EP by takehiroteiArtwork by @HiroChair (Twitter)